Friday, September 17, 2010

65 Blue Sun Drive - Sage Creek

Builder: Sterling Homes
Base Price: $248,400 excluding GST
Area: 2560 sq ft

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the dark brown hardwood floor. We have hardwood throughout our house in standard “wood” colour. In one of those dream sequences where neither money nor reality are factors, I would change the color of my floors to match this. As I walked into the kitchen, the dark brown cabinets, granite counter tops, and that nice floor combined to produce a really nice aesthetic. The kitchen is open to the family room which I could see as being very beneficial having two devious little girls who require one eye on them at all times.

The second floor is carpeted. I think I would prefer matching hardwoods to the main floor, but that is just my preference. Although, I guess the carpet works here. The master bedroom is a good size with really nice ensuite. An ensuite is something my current house lacks. The other two bedrooms are a good size. Philip, the agent at this home, pointed out the second floor loft open the floor below which I thought would be a great office.

Living in a 100+ year old house in Crescentwood, I have a secret jealousy when I look at unfinished basements in newer homes. It probably has been many decades since my basement floor was level and I am forever banging my head on exposed pipes which a previous owner kindly padded. The basement in 65 Blue Sun is framed, but unfinished. If I lived here I would finish the basement as I could be a great space.

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