Friday, September 17, 2010

54 Highland Creek - Bridgwater Forest

Builder: Artista Homes
Selling Price: $766,481 plus GST and land
Area: over 3600 sq ft

When I walked up to 54 Highland Creek there was a buzz of activity as I caught them in the middle of putting the final Parade of Homes touches for Saturday. Enzo from Artista Homes generously let me in to have a look around. If the price didn’t trigger that this house was going to be special, you knew it right from walking in the door. To the right of the entrance was the dining room where several people were feverously assembling furniture. The dining room has a glass wall looking over the family room toward the back of the house. As you walk into the kitchen, you look up to the soaring ceiling to see… a 10 foot aquarium! A second floor loft overlooks the kitchen with the aquarium acting as its wall. Very cool feature. The kitchen itself is rather fantastic in a cool white, but the high ceiling and aquarium really steal the show.

As you walk up the stairs, on the other side of the aquarium is a great loft space. Walking into the cosy master bedroom, the defining feature reveals itself to be the master bathroom. You step down into the master bathroom giving it high ceilings. The stand up shower looks great as it runs the whole height of the room. The feature piece is the poured concrete sink. Almost like a trough, water pours from one end and drains on the other. Magda from Interior Illusions explained the sink details to me while she staged the bathroom. The other bedrooms on the second floor are very big and have large, high quality closets. My two daughters are under three, but I suspect closet organization will feature prominently in my future.

Going from the second floor to the basement, the house features a great walk out with a fabulously landscaped backyard looking out onto the lake. There were several people wiring and setting up panel TV screens in the basement, so I suspect when Saturday rolls around there will be a very cool display to be seen.

Probably a little above my price bracket, but I love the details. Very well done. Worth a visit to check out the aquarium and the exquisite master bathroom.

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  1. I want an aquarium wall! Too cool.

  2. The Master bedroom was the highlight of this home to me. The bed is very low to the ground so you take in more of the room. The sunken bathroom was amazing. I've never seen a rain shower that high.