Wednesday, September 29, 2010

54 Edenwood Place - Royalwood

Builder: Maric Homes
Selling Price: $529,690 Plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

This house shouts, “Come on in,” with its grand entryway and huge double doors. Right off the hop, there is a cozy room with double French doors. This is a nice room that would be perfect for an office, a reading room, or in my case, a toy room (those toys have to go somewhere!)

The house features dark wood trim and hardwoods throughout – something I noticing is the new trend. Gone are the days of white trim accenting against the dark hardwoods. Oh, it is always so tough keeping up! Honey...I have a new idea for our house.

There are many rooms off of the huge foyer. You can enter into the main living area, which consists of the kitchen, dining room and livingroom. If you go the other direction, you will find the laundry room, 2 piece bathroom and an entry to the walk-in pantry. (I love this pantry. There was no cost spared as the shelves are done in a dark wood instead of the usual wire shelves. This means that items will actually stand in the pantry, instead of falling through the wire spacing!!) It’s these little touches that are so nice.

You have to see the gas fireplace in this house! It is covered with vertical cultured stone and includes an area for the TV. It is very unique looking, as it also is rounded!! What an fun accent wall! Hmm...the ideas I get when I go into these show homes!!

The upstairs is very open and features a master suite with ensuite bathroom and 3 more bedrooms. HUGE! There is dark, shag carpet throughout (great for hiding any kiddie spills) and another bathroom. Oh my, 3 bathrooms to clean and I haven’t even gotten to the basement...

The basement is as open as the main floor and also features a beautiful brick fireplace/t.v. credenza. The plush shag carpet continues and yes...there is another bathroom!! I figure if I lived in this house, I would definitely need some help cleaning it (like from my husband)...well at least for the bathrooms. I don’t know about you, but I hate cleaning bathrooms!!

This is a must see – very unique features in this house and it is big – so try not to get lost in one of the bathrooms!!

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176 Bridgeland Drive South - Bridgwater Forest

Builder: Kensington Homes
Selling Price: $325,800 Plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

This is another well-presented house from Kensington Homes. I am not a Feng Shui expert, but I was once told that it is not a good thing if the stairs lead directly to the front door. It has something to do with losing special energy from the home. I am not sure if the designers knew my eccentric friend, Laura, from the east of London, but they seem to have taken her advice. The stairs lead from behind the door, therefore leaving all the energy in the home and keeping Laura happy.

Openness seems to be the theme of this house. The gigantic windows in the open concept great room, leads to the kitchen with the most unique cabinets. The craftsmanship is quite clever. On first appearance you may think that they are leather (yes really) but on closer inspection you realise that they are not. The overall appearance softens the look and would be a great talking point when friends come over.

So I am back to this staircase. It is extra wide so there is no worry of scuffing the paintwork over time. The master suite is huge. The ensuite is huge and even features a vanity with that lovely finish that I admired in the kitchen. The Kohler soaker tub in so inviting and the walk in closet off the ensuite means that you can pretend you are posh by having your own dressing room.

The second floor laundry would fill any woman with hope that dirty clothes may well make it past the bedroom floor. The main bathroom has a closet in it which is handy when you cannot resist those bulk purchases at Costco and there are two further spacious bedrooms.

It is a shame that Laura still lives in London as she would certainly approve of this house. In the mean time, I am sure that Kensington Homes has more very interested buyers!

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172 Bridgeland Drive South - Bridgwater Forest

Builder: Discovery Homes
Selling Price: $306,450 Plus GST and Land
Type: Bungalow

The first thing I realised when walking around this home is how much it would suit my lifestyle (and life stage). From the entrance, there is a feeling that this house was built with me in mind. With no children and a busy lifestyle, my husband and I need a home to be comfortable, welcoming to our friends, with enough space to indulge in our respective hobbies. A bungalow would be ideal for our 13 year old cat and, let’s be honest here, he is the real boss.

There is a bedroom at the front of the home which would be ideal for us to use as a study. As it is separated from the rest of the home, I can see that I could get a lot of work done here without any distractions.

The great room and kitchen are open concept and so ideal to hold dinner parties, with an eating area for guests to sip wine whilst dinner is being prepared. The dining room offers ample space to serve up our feast.

The master bedroom is very cozy. Not being a lover of mornings, I would worry that I may get too cozy in here and not want to drag myself out of bed.

The basement is finished with a rec room, another bedroom for visiting guests and a full bath. There is even a fitness area that I can put my treadmill that probably has not been used in 6 months.

Overall this house has my name written all over it. Everything I need is here without having to worry about the maintenance. A bonus when you buy a new home.

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164 Bridgeland Drive South - Bridgwater Forest

Builder: Kensington Homes
Selling Price: $369,900 Plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

When you walk through the front door, you know that the hallway that greets you makes a statement for the rest of the house. Like a well-bred person, this house is classy and not brassy. The high quality finishes, tall ceilings and the dining room flanked by two large windows allow natural light to flood in and make this entire area feel quite decadent.

Even the unique fireplace in the great room makes a statement. There are built ins for the TV, that soaring ceiling continues and huge windows. The kitchen has a walk in pantry and fantastic granite counter tops. This entire area is ideal if, like me, you love to entertain but not be separated from your guests whilst you cook up a storm.

Upstairs there is a roomy loft area replete with a built in computer desk. The second floor laundry room is perfectly placed.

The master suite is ideally suited to this well-heeled home. There is a tray ceiling, an ensuite with a corner jet tub as well as a generously sized shower.
This entire house is made to make the owner feel like they can kick off their shoes and enjoy it, whether it is with family or welcome guests.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

26 Yacht’s Cove - Van Hull Estates

Builder: Bentley Homes
Selling Price: $673,333 Plus GST and Land
Type: Bungalow

This home sets itself apart from the other homes on the street because of the shape of the exterior. It looks very modern. When entering the home you will notice the high ceiling which is 14 feet high. It makes the house look even more grand than it is.

The kitchen/living area is my favourite part of the house because it has a red caeser stone countertop against grey cabinets. Now that’s different! Then there is a wet bar across from the kitchen, against a wall, with the same countertop and cabinet colour. The punch of red in the kitchen and throughout the house, (ie: red ottoman, vases, etc), makes it very appealing to me because I love red! This house has an open concept so it looks very spacious, but the amount of windows in the home really brightens up the space making it seem even bigger. There are 79 windows throughout this house so if you like bright, this is the home for you! (I did not count the windows, the agent gave me this info!)

This home also has a four seasons sunroom with a fireplace. The fireplace is two-sided and spills into the family room which is next to the dining room. I love the idea of the two-sided fireplace because it makes it useful in more than one area and if you love to keep warm in the winter this is good!

Other things I liked about this home was the huge walk-in closet. Everyone needs a good storage area like this for wardrobe and shoes etc. It makes your daily life more easier when everything is organized. I also liked the cute chandeliers in the ensuite. Little things like this really add a nice touch to the d├ęcor of the home. The ensuite also included two sinks for a couple to be able to get ready in the morning together, without having to wait to use the sink for washing up.

In summary, I would definitely encourage people to go see this home because of its small but unique features.

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55 Windmill Way - Charleswood

Builder: Greentree Homes
Selling Price: $319,900 Plus GST and Land
Type: Condo

Nestled in the Park West Mall is the display suite for a condominium complex that is happening right next door. Don’t let the fact that you are walking into a store front office fool you; the experience is identical to walking into the actual condo.

There have been no new condos in Charleswood for twenty years, so this is a very welcome, long overdue addition. The location is perfect, especially for retirees. Within a very short walking distance are the grocery store, drug store with pharmacist, convenience store, bank and numerous other services. A gas station is right across the parking lot and a neighbourhood pub is just across the street. Being close to the Perimeter Highway helps circumvent city traffic for weekend getaways. Everything at your fingertips.

The condos are a collection of choices at one location. There are eight different floor plans to choose from, ranging from 805 – 1,303 square feet. The units are either one bedroom and a den or two bedrooms. There are four different levels with accommodation and the second level features a multi-purpose room. Heated covered parking is a welcome bonus.

The interior of the units present an open concept floor plan which maximizes available space. The huge picture window and 9’ ceilings make the room appear much larger. All feature a very nice balcony.

The interior has been designed with ease and comfort first in mind. All appliances are included. There is an in suite laundry provided. A huge walk-in closet provides ample room for clothes. The step in shower is a thoughtful touch for seniors or mobility impaired.

These condominiums are perfect for retirees or first time buyers who want to create some personal equity.

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10 Stone Ridge Drive - Stone Ridge Meadows, Stonewall

Builder: Hilton Custom Homes
Selling Price: $386,502 Plus GST and Land
Type: Split-Level

This split level design introduces yet another design concept to the subdivision. The finishes are a wonderful combination of contemporary and traditional.

I am always pleased to see the incorporation of a double sided fireplace that serves both the dining room and the great room.

The second level has two bedrooms and a bathroom while the third level is the home of the Master bedroom. This features a large walk-in closet and a marble ensuite. The shower and tub are at opposite ends of the bathroom, thereby facilitating those early morning rushes.

The dining room and living rooms blend together with angled ceilings and pot lights. This house is suitable for any family situation, large or small.

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24 Stone Ridge Drive - Stone Ridge Meadows, Stonewall

Builder: Discovery Homes
Selling Price: $390,800 Plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

The blue grey earth tone colour combination on the outside of this house works very well. I was particularly impressed with the wrap around veranda at the front and side. It harkens back to an era when you knew your neighbours, said hello when people went for a walk and put the Friendly back in Friendly Manitoba.

If one enters via the garage, there are lockers to encourage a level of neatness from children and husbands.

The large windows open up to the lake view on the south and west.

With four bedrooms upstairs, having a laundry room on the second floor enables the congestion to be isolated. I loved the Master bedroom with its large, open look. The bathroom has twin sinks, a rain shower and glass on two sides of the shower.

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30 Stone Ridge Drive - Stone Ridge Meadows, Stonewall

A&S Homes
Selling Price: $354,829 Plus GST and Land
Type: Bungalow

You know that you’re approaching an A+S home when you see the big green bow on the garage; in this case, a large double garage. The first thing you must do is say hi to Kim, one of the friendliest and most personable sales agents in the business.

As I said before, the drive to Stonwall is not only short, but quite relaxing. When my son was younger, we used to drive to Balmoral every Wednesday in the winter for hockey practice. The roads were good and the drive was pleasant. Stonewall is well before Balmoral, so don’t even think about distance.

The 12’ ceiling in the great room enable the installation of huge windows thereby maximizing natural light. This is particularly effective in the great room and kitchen eating area. Looking out the back of the house, one is dazzled by a southern faced covered deck, a manmade lake and a walking path. All of this in a 75’ x 148’ yard!

The great room feature wall is the perfect size for an entertainment unit or big screen TV. This open concept enables people in any room to be part of the conversation during a party. The formal dining room allows you to leave a bit of a mess in the kitchen but keep it out of sight.

The Master bedroom features a large walk-in closet. Of course, all of the other bedrooms are blessed with ample closet space too. Being a wine lover, I appreciated seeing the bottle of Malbec and glasses next to the Jacuzzi style tub.

The unfinished basement challenges one to be creative and dream. For me, it becomes a games area, a wet bar, a big screen TV; however, it’s all up to you.

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46 Rossmere Crescent - Stone Ridge Meadows, Stonewall

Builder: Warkentin Homes
Selling Price: $398,493 Plus GST and Land
Type: Bungalow

Stone Ridge Meadows is a delightful subdivision that has been laid out beautifully. According to the signs, it’s only 22 km to Winnipeg, but it seems shorter than that. For you lake folks, it’s part way to Gimli and Hecla. Get a head start on the rest of the highway people.

This home is Power Smart Gold and the special features don’t end there. It is extremely environmentally sensitive. Bamboo hardwood floors, carpeting that has been specially ordered, spray foam joists cantilevers, western exposure, large triple pane windows and Energy Star appliances are highlights of this home.

Natural local scenery is also a focal point. The house backs onto a man made pond. Running along the back of the property is a pathway for walking or cycling. There have been pathways carved through a beautiful five acre forest.

In addition to the open concept living room and kitchen, the dining room is situated in such a manner to permit an extended table for an extended family.

Two bedrooms on the opposite sides of the house allow additional privacy. I was particularly impressed by how large the closets were in the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms. The Master bedroom has double sinks in the bathroom, thereby reducing morning jostling.

When you visit this house, make sure you notice the glasswork near the front entrance. It was all done by a local artisan. Kudos for promoting Manitoba talent!

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29-320 Pearson Parkway - Creeside Estates

Builder: Irwin Homes

Selling Price: $272,900 Plus GST and Land
Type: Condo

Before I even start this review, I want to dispel some misconceptions. Selkirk is a lot closer than you would think. It took me 17 minutes to get from my office in Ft. Garry Industrial Park to the corner of Portage and Main. It only took 15 minutes to get from there to the north Perimeter Highway. It was another 23 minutes to pull into the driveway of this impressive condo. Given that everything you could want on a daily basis is available in Selkirk, this place stands on its own. Saying that, there is definitely a country charm to this location. It backs onto a manmade creek that is protected against algae. There is an abundance of birds and wildlife in the forest beyond the back yard. The park a short walk down the street has a barbeque/fire pit area, benches and a pagoda, all encouraging interaction with your neighbours.

I was told by the agent that the development has been attracting a lot of people moving from the country who want to live in a charming city with all the amenities of a large city. She also said that this was the perfect downsize condo for retired people who don’t want the responsibility and labour associated with their own house.

The walkout basement to the back patio allows plenty of room for development according to taste.

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24 Ruttig Street - Sage Place, Oakbank

Builder: Trikor Builders
Selling Price: $240,500 Plus GST and Land
Type: Bungalow

I guess if I were to sum up what impresses me most about this house in one word, it would be size. It seems considerably larger than the listed 1,350 square feet. The lot is very large at 140 x 85. I’m not anti-social but I love the fact that there is 20’ between this house and the next door neighbour. The basement has big windows that permit more light and airflow. The back yard is so big and accessible that there is room for a deck, patio, sun room and pool. You can have it all; and, with a corner lot, trade and service access from the road will be seamless.

This house is perfect for a young family as there is lots of room to grow and play. Oakbank strikes me as a community that is growing to really take off. They are working to attract young people to start their families there.

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9 Riley Court - Sage Place, Oakbank

Builder: Trikor Builders
Selling Price: $287,784 Plus GST and Land
Type: Bungalow

This is a very impressive home in a wonderful new neighbourhood. Some of the features of this house that stand out are that it is built to Power Smart Gold standards, 10’ high ceilings with pot lights, a 12’ x 12’ deck and a huge 200’ wide back yard on a pie lot.

Upon entering, you are welcomed by an open concept great room, kitchen and eating nook.

I like the practical thinking that went into the design and layout of this house. The mud room is a good example. The hookup for the washer and dryer are here, so you can just throw off those clothes right into the wash cycle. There is also a very large hidden closet to store things out of sight.

This house is perfect for a couple with young children. The Master bedroom is on one side of the house and the two smaller bedrooms are on the other side, distanced by the kitchen, great room and foyer. In this manner, weekend sleep-ins and evening bed time are not impacted by the proximity of the rooms.

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58 Linden Lake Drive - Aspen Lakes, Oakbank

Builder: Sterling Homes
Selling Price: $306,520 Plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

Oakbank is a very nice community with all of the necessary amenities. The new recreation complex being built is going to be spectacular. If you golf at Pine Ridge or Elmhurst, this is definitely a place to consider.

The kitchen in this home opens into an attractive great room. As you go upstairs, the bedrooms seem to open up. Everything about this home seems to be open and inviting.

The Master bedroom has a very nice colour combination. There is a deceivingly large walk in closet.

The home is a traditional style; perfect for a young family. There is definitely room to grow in this house.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

80-8 Shadowwood Court - Southland Village, Pritchard Farm

Builder: Maric Homes
Selling Price: $618,952 Plus GST and Land
Type: Condo

This is not your typical condo unit. A definite must see, for those empty nesters that are thinking of downsizing, but with luxury in mind. From the moment you enter, you will be immediately embraced by the warmth and comfort of the home. The serene sound of the trickling fountain in the main entrance captivates you the moment you walk into the home. The gas fireplace in the family room provides a surprising amount of heat, which adds to the warmth of the home. The 10 ft. ceilings enhance the openness of the main floor, which features the large family room, a beautiful kitchen and eating area. The kitchen features a 6-burner gas range and the pantry cupboards, (and there are lots of them), feature pullout drawers. The eating area, with double sized patio doors, leads to a covered deck in the back of the home. A large utility\laundry room is located near the back entrance.

Follow the curved hallway to the master suite. The master suite entrance is a wide door and ½ entrance, which accents the room. The ensuite features double bowl sinks with a full glass enclosed shower unit. Off the ensuite is the large walk-in closet. What a retreat from a hectic day of retirement! I loved this room the most!!

The lower level features a 2nd family room with fireplace. Another curved hallway leads you to the bedroom wing of the lower level which features 2 large size bedrooms, each with their own walk-in closets. These bedrooms are perfect for sleepover weekends with the grandchildren. To celebrate your new home, there is bar unit complete with a wine fridge also on the lower level.

Overall, this was one of my favorites. Be sure to take a moment to view this “must-see’ luxury condo.

Susan G.

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6 Hearthstone Grove - Southland Village, Pritchard Farm

Builder: Irwin Homes
Selling Price: $542,886 Plus GST and Land
Type: Condo

Great Condo living! This 1,652 sq. ft. condo features an open area great room, kitchen and eating area. The oversized windows in the family room provide extra natural lighting throughout the main level.

The kitchen features granite countertops and a feature cabinet. The maple flooring throughout adds a touch of elegance to the home.

The large back entrance offers a walk –in closet and laundry area.

Plenty of storage room in the lower level, as well as two good-sized bedrooms.

Check out this condo,.. perfect for a young family with a busy schedule, or for those with retirement in mind.

Susan G.

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15 Hunterbrook Road - Bridgwater Forest

Builder: Gino's Homes
Selling Price: $530,100 Plus GST and Land
Type: Bungalow

This home is a great home for entertaining and has many unique features.

I love the big entranceway. To the left there are stairs to go right to the basement. I love the fact that people (namely children) will not have to trudge through the house to get to the basement to play. The dining room is to the left and is kept away from the rest of the house. I love this because I like to entertain but often find that in an open plan, everyone can see the messy kitchen area and sink full of dirty dishes. The dining area is also very spacious and the possibilities of expanding your table to accommodate more guests is endless. I really like the unique look of the hardwoods throughout the house, which are greyish in colour.

As you walk through the house, there is a kitchen on the left which is open to the living area on the right, and a nice balcony, from the kitchen, overlooking the lake. To the right of the kitchen is a big bar area without the sink. It can be used to store special martini glasses maybe, and mix drinks for your guests rather than using the kitchen counters. It was a nice touch which I have never seen before. The cabinets throughtout this house are a nice grey colour.

Just past this area is the hallway to the bedrooms. The master bedroom has an ensuite with a clear bowl for a sink, which is very modern looking, as well as a shower and jetted tub.

The basement is huge with a wet bar area which includes a wine fridge. What a great idea to have the floating shelves above the counter with lights under each, to provide enough light to create a nice ambiance for an evening with friends and family. The T.V. unit was simple in design, which I love. The really neat thing I saw in this house was the way the builders created a wooden shelving unit to hide the steel posts in our basements that we so want to hide when building a basement. What a great idea!

Great home for families who like to entertain!

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58 Edenwood Place - Royalwood

Builder: Gino's Homes
Selling Price: $349,600 Plus GST and Land
Type: Bungalow

Once again, Gino’s doesn’t disappoint. You walk through a huge double door entry way into a semi-enclosed foyer. It is a very unique area, in that it is partially separated, yet open to the living area. Hard to explain – you will just have to see it yourself!!

Throughout there is beautiful dark wood trim, which continues onto the kitchen cabinets. The island had an upper glass level to it – very nice touch. I love the layout of this house. Bungalows are my personal style – kids rooms are on the main level so they can go play in their rooms while you cook dinner (or while you watch the Young and the Restless :) ) You don’t have to have a play room, as the toys can actually be in the bedrooms. You can always hear the kids too (you just have to lock yourself in the bathroom to get a break from the noise :) ) Bungalows are great.

Anyhow, back to the house.

The main living area off of the foyer includes a kitchen, a dining room and a family room. It is an open concept house, but it is very intimate feeling. I was speaking to the sales representative and it is easy to see that Gino’s takes pride in the functionality of their homes. Whether the house is worth a million dollars or half a million, they are all carefully crafted and very warm and inviting!

The bedrooms are in a separate area of the house. This is a great feature, as the kids can’t hear anything that is happening in the main living area (you know, for all that partying us parents do when the kids finally go down...zzzzzz)

The master bedroom has 3 big windows on the one wall and has a huge walk in closet. The ensuite was amazing, with a separate glass shower, soaker tub and quartz vanity/countertop. Something you may not think you would like, but surprisingly very nice, is a large full length window in the bathroom. Adds some interest to a bathroom for sure. I really liked this!

As you leave the master, there are two more bedrooms with double door closets, and main floor laundry. As you continue through to the end of the hallway, you realize that you are back to the foyer. The hall wraps around back to the front of the house – how fun! My kids would love to chase each other around in this house!!

This house doesn’t disappoint. I definitely recommend it for a family similar to mine. Not too big so that the kids get lost, but big enough for you to ‘lose’ the kids :) . Although I just moved into my house less than a year ago, I have already told my husband that my next house will be a Gino’s!! (He just loves it when I talk about moving again...)

Happy viewing!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

10 Blue Sun Drive - Sage Creek

Builder: Kensington Homes
Selling Price: $339,900 Plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

10 Blue Sun Drive – A lovely 3 bedroom family home.

The first thing I noticed about this home was the cute front porch. Although not large, it would still allow you to sit outside and chat to your neighbours as they walked by. On the other side of the bay window that looks out over the porch, you’ll find the formal dining room. It is a good size and has an alcove to fit your sideboard or china cabinet.

The great room at the back of the house impresses. Two storeys high, with a lovely fireplace, it still had a wonderful “warm and cozy” feeling to it. Perhaps it was the rich mixture of dark stained woods mixed with light coloured walls… perhaps it was the two levels of windows letting lots of light into the area… whichever… I loved being in this room.

Beside the great room is the kitchen. Decorated with white cupboards and dark countertops, it made use of stainless steel appliances. Its island houses the double sink with an extended top to allow use as bar for the great room. There was also an informal eating area to the back of the kitchen which opened out to a partly covered deck.

One thing I really liked about the main floor of this home was the organization of the back hallway leading from the generously sized garage. Into this corner of the house, the builders have nicely “tucked in” the main floor powder room, the front and garage entry coat closets (which end up being side by side creating less confusion for the home owners when looking for the right outerwear), a main floor laundry room (which smartly includes a sink between the washer and dryer), and an entry to the pantry (which “walks-through” to the kitchen).

Upstairs, I was immediately taken by the lovely circular balcony which overlooks the great room. Additionally, the builders have designed a loft with a built in double desk. This area could be cheerfully used as your computing area, as your sitting area, or in my case as that art area I always look for!

The master bedroom was large and in this version of the house plan, the builders outfitted it with the deluxe bathroom ensuite. Two areas could be separated by two sliding doors. In the back was the toilet and walk in shower, complete with bench. In the front, closest to the bedroom was the jet tub and sink.

The two other bedrooms were a good size and shared the second bathroom. I liked the large upstairs linen closet.

The basement level of this home was not finished.

I really liked this home. It gave me a “when can I move in” type of feeling!

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Builder: Kensington Homes
Selling Price: $279,900 Plus GST and Land
Type: Bi-Level

This 1544 sq. ft. storey and separate upper level master suite is one version of Kensington Homes’ Capetown design. Definitely, no shortage of bedrooms having two on the main level, the master and possibly two more in the lower level.

A two-car attached garage is a feature of this home. When coming in after parking your vehicle, you enter at a door which is side by side with the main entry way. There is a closet right beside both doors.

Two stairs up and two more stairs up and you are in the kitchen – the vaulted kitchen – complete with a five element stove top, a large walk-in pantry with automatic lighting. A very pleasing feature is the double level island which offers a tremendous amount of storage, electrical outlets and two stools on the outward edge where you can chow down.

Opposite the kitchen area, there is an opening leading into a hallway where you will find the two main floor bedrooms with a full three-piece bath in between them and also a linen closet.

When you walk further back from the kitchen, you will find the continuation of the vaulted ceiling from the kitchen into the formal dining room and the Great Room. Quite a majestic effect to have the ‘living’ area rise above the rest of the space. The dining room has a full size table and chairs, large windows and the doorway to the backyard. It faces toward the living room which has even larger windows and is made even more dramatic by them and the furnishings including a huge flat screen television.

Eight stairs up from the kitchen area, you enter the master suite. There is a small landing at the top of those stairs from which you can look down and observe the front entry way. The bedroom is very large with its bay window facing to the front street and made even more special by the padded window box seats and wide window ledge. A great place to sit and read or just look over what’s happening outside. The master also includes a walk-in closet with a pocket door and its own bathroom with a walk-in shower.

The lower level is carpeted and includes a large recreation room space, two rooms which could become bedrooms #4 and #5. In between them is a full three piece bath. Some folks might choose to make one of those rooms an office or hobby room. The utility room has all the wiring and plumbing standing by to hook up a washer and dryer. There even enough room for a pool table besides all the other rooms mentioned.

This is definitely a house where a young family would have room to grow. It’s great that there are nearby schools for those school age children.

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80-8 Shadowwood Court - Southland Village, Pritchard Farm

Builder: Maric Homes
Selling Price: $618,952 Plus GST and Land
Type: Condo

This is a fantastic home for those empty-nesters who demand superb quality and craftsmanship in their retirement residence.

Upon entry into the home, there is the sound of nature – a beautiful feature wall complete with waterfall fountain in the front foyer brings the sounds of the outdoors in.

Immediately to the left is a nice size den or office complete with a closet.

There is plenty of storage in this maple and Caeser stone kitchen including a large walk-in pantry complete with built-in shelving. 10ft ceilings make this large space feel expansive. The wall-to-wall sliding patio door is a very nice feature and allows the natural light to flow into the kitchen area.

The huge island opens up to the expansive great room. The fireplace in this room is absolutely gorgeous and throws off an incredible amount of heat! The stone feature wall adds to the exquisite ambiance of this room.

The main floor is completed with main floor laundry and a grandeur master suite. The well appointed ensuite leads into a fabulous walk-in closet complete with built-ins.

The fully finished basement provides enough space for a large entertainment/media area, bar area, two extra bedrooms - each with a walk-in closet, and a full bath. Although not a walk-out, there is no shortage of natural light in this basement. There is another gas fireplace in the entertainment area and it throws just as much heat as the main floor. The gigantic basement windows make this space bright and welcoming.

Joanna N.

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6 Hearthstone Grove - Southland Village, Pritchard Farm

Builder: Irwin Homes
Selling Price: $542,886 Plus GST and Land
Type: Condo

This condominium home provides empty-nesters the freedom of apartment living with the comfort and pride of homeownership.

The main floor living space lets in an enormous amount of natural light with gigantic windows in the great room.

A nicely appointed kitchen completes the main living area complete with maple cabinets and granite countertops.

This is a two bedroom condo with the second bedroom providing enough space for a good size office or spare bedroom.

The fully finished basement adds enough space for a large entertainment area, two additional bedrooms, and a bathroom.

Joanna N.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

241 Amber Trail - Amber Trails

Builder: Randall Homes
Selling Price: $342,762 Plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

This home has a delightful porch at the front of the house. As you walk in the front door you appreciate that this home has many unique features from every angle – literally. There is a lot of glass and unique angles to this house which makes you feel that the designer behind this home really appreciates the artistic beautiful side of life.

This house would be ideal for either a younger family or empty nesters. From the garage you enter a very practical mud room with ample storage. This is where the laundry room is located as well. No more trudging down to the basement to do boring chores.

The dining room at the front of the house leads to the family room with an inviting fireplace.

The kitchen is very practical and large. If you love to cook or eat this is the perfect house. The eating area in the kitchen faces the back yard with fantastic windows forming the entire rear of the property. There is a small deck from the back door which would please those who are keen to barbeque.

Upstairs there is a wonderful master bedroom with a jet tub in the ensuite bathroom as well as a great shower. There are 2 further bedrooms as well as a fantastic loft area that would be perfect to be used as a home office. The full bathroom completes the second floor. I must mention the amazing paint effects that this home has in the bathrooms. At first you think that it is wallpaper. And then you think: “wallpaper in the bathroom?” It is only upon closer inspection that you realise that this is amazing paint effects that are done by a great artist. The mix of earth tones and metallic paint add to the luxury of the bathroom.

The basement is unfinished in this show house but, when finished, would complete this perfect house.

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222 Amber Trail - Amber Trails

Builder: Ventura Homes
Selling Price: $309,664 Plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

As you walk up to the front of the house, you are greeted by 3 floors of windows. You already know that this house is going to be bright allowing natural daylight to flood every part of this home.

If you enter this house from the garage there is a generous sized mud room, perfect for those winter boots and multiple layers that form part of our lives for several months of the year. This is where they have placed the laundry as well. Though this is not somewhere I would like my laundry to go, I am assured that this could be relocated to the basement if you would prefer. But then again, who am I to argue? I come from London England where are houses are very small and the laundry is in the kitchen!

As you walk up the stairs to the main living area all you see are fantastic windows – everywhere. The back of the house has floor to ceiling windows in the great room overlooking the huge backyard. The other side of the room is the dining area with even more windows to the front of the house.

The kitchen is huge, and yes with great windows facing the garden. There is lots of room to walk around in the kitchen which would be a chef’s paradise. There is even room for a breakfast table that would be near the back doors to the yard. The extra height ceilings in the great room and dining room combined with the windows make this main floor seem enormous.

I am not sure if you appreciate a Dr Who reference but this is a Tardis. That is the best way that I can describe this house. It is a Tardis. You really do not appreciate how much house you get until you are inside. Do not be fooled by the outside, there is so much more to see. I haven’t even finished on the main floor. There is also a cozy study as well as a half bath.

Up to the next level, is the master suite. It is a large comfortable room with windows on two walls and a walk in closet. The lovely ensuite bathroom even caters for my need to keep the toilet separate with a dividing wall in the bathroom to separate it from the rest of the area. There is a jet tub, a large walk in shower unit and a double vanity.

Outside the master bedroom on the landing leading to the top level are two closets. These are very handy for storage or a fantastic place to hide fashion purchases from your husband. Up on the top level are two further bedrooms and a full bathroom.

The finished basement has a wonderful rec room and an additional bedroom. On speaking to the sales agent, I was not surprised to hear that this house has generated a lot of interest from those who have viewed it. You really do get a lot of house for your money.

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Builder: Randall Homes
Selling Price: $304,667 Plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

Randall Homes built this two-storey, 1896 sq. ft. house named “Austin B”. It has a very symmetrical front ‘face’ including a two-car attached garage and a front porch by the main entry way.

When entering the home through the garage, you will find yourself in a nicely appointed laundry room (washer/dryer); including a stainless steel sink and a closet for outdoor clothes and footwear. There is a two piece powder room next door which is handy for the family members coming home and for guests who are visiting in the main floor ‘living’ rooms.

The front foyer is roomy and has a large closet for coats and outerwear. To the side of the foyer is what was set up to be the formal dining room. It is very elegant and spacious with room for a large table and chairs. On the plan picture, this space is labeled as a flex room. However, with windows facing the front street and ample room for furniture; it is easy to see why it was decorated as a formal eating area.

Further down the centre hallway, you will discover a really well laid out kitchen; complete with stainless steel appliances, large pantry (closet), spacious island (in this show home) complete with cupboards underneath and electrical outlets. There is ample space to have an eating area in the kitchen/back door area – a table and 4 chairs. The door leads out to the backyard and its fresh sod.

There is a half-wall divider between the kitchen/eating area and the Great Room. It has shelving on the living room side and plain wood facing the kitchen. There are large windows letting light stream into the living area in the daytime. There are several options from which you can select where and what type of fireplace you would like. It definitely adds a cozy feeling to the room having one.

The upstairs level is divided in half; the master suite taking one (vertical side) of the floor plan and three further bedrooms and a full piece bathroom on the other half. The master bedroom is incredibly roomy and the furniture chosen to display in it very clearly illustrates how grand a space it is. The suite includes a full three piece bathroom and a very generous walk-in closet.

At the top of the stairs to the second floor, there is another full bathroom for the other 3 bedrooms. You do have the option if you choose to build this particular home to make the bedroom closest to the front of the house into an open landing above the foyer with a half wall.

Super nice home for a family; especially since there are several schools in the Canterbury Park area.

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Builder: Broadview Homes
Selling Price: $246,920 Plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

This 1685 sq. ft., 2 storey home is “The Daintree” from Broadview Homes.
If you choose to finish the lower level, you could add another 570 sq.ft of living and storage space.

The front double garage attaches to the home’s laundry room area which also includes a generous coat closet and some storage. There is a powder room right next to the laundry room which can be accessed by family coming into the home through the garage or by guests visiting the ‘living’ area on the first level.

The main entry to the home has a spacious foyer with an ample coat closet and a bench seat right beside it to allow for taking off or putting on of footwear. Just beyond the front hallway are two sets of stairs one to the second floor and one to the lower level. Facing the stairs is the galley style kitchen with black wood cupboards and double stainless steel sinks.
There is a raised breakfast bar that faces inward to the kitchen – right opposite the sinks.

The dining room has large windows facing to the backyard and additional windows could be put in on the adjoining wall. The door to the deck and back yard are close by. From there, you would move right into the Great Room area which is a generous size; approximately 15 x 14 feet. The windows in this room are large and have both blinds and draperies. A fireplace is centred in one wall surrounded by built-in wood shelves and with a wide mantel above to display items. This home also included a large flat screen television above that mantel. A welcoming and nicely appointed living area!

On the second level, there were three bedrooms. The 16 x 14 ft. master was bathed in sunlight by two good sized windows, had excellent storage in a large walk-in closet and its own ensuite bathroom. The other bedrooms are quite large as well and have another full bathroom for their use.

Many homes are already occupied in this area and it makes for a nice neighbourhood feeling. Plus, the close proximity of schools from elementary to high school is a big plus for Canterbury Park.

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Builder: Broadview Homes
Selling Price: $273,200 plus GST and Land
Type: Bungalow

Broadview Homes’ “The Majestic” is located at the corner of Edmund Gale Drive and Romance Lane. This bungalow has a 1394 sq. ft. main floor plan with an optional lower level plan, when finished that would add an additional area of 914 sq. ft.

A double attached garage connects to the home with a door just inside the front entrance way. A good sized closet is also located in this area. The stairs to the lower level are just beyond the closet.

Very good division of the space in this bungalow. One side of the house includes the master bedroom, with two adjoining closets and its ensuite bathroom, two other bedrooms with a full bathroom and a linen closet along the hallway. A very warm and cozy feel to those rooms is created by lush carpet.

The other side of the home includes a formal dining room with large windows facing the front street. Next along that section of the home is the kitchen with all stainless steel appliances, a walk-in pantry,and light coloured wood cabinets. Also, there is a good-sized island with a substantial area that includes storage cupboards and electrical outlets. It also has room for a small eating area with two stools at its edge.

As you advance further into the kitchen area, you notice a lovely nook area that comfortably fits a table and four chairs. This eating space is divided from the Great Room by a half-wall that is plain on the kitchen side and with shelves for books, vases and other small art pieces on the side facing the living room. Large windows bring in sunshine and a good view of the two level deck and green grass in the back yard. A gas fireplace on one wall of the Great Room will provide extra warmth during the winter months.

The lower level of this home was finished and provides enough room for a large sectional sofa and chairs, a full size pool table, a bar, a large flat screen television and more. Washer and dryer would be located in the utility room which is already set to accommodate those appliances once they are delivered.

Canterbury Park has several schools that are close by for those families with school age children.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

74 Eastoak Drive - Royalwood

Builder: Gino's Homes
Selling Price: $896,000 plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

Where can I begin? This house has everything you could dream of. Right away you are greeted with a beautiful brick exterior and driveway, all of which are in rich, warm colors. These colors are complimented by the dark, rocky landscaping and touches of greenery... All of these sights draw you to the grand entryway of the house.

Do you want to see the house yet? Just gets better!! Once you enter the house, you fall in love immediately. Beautiful dark wood trim, shiny quartz countertops, sparkling tiled floors. AMAZING! The main floor features an open concept kitchen, dining room, and living room. The living room has a double sided gas fireplace which is shared with this cozy room just off of the living room. I could totally picture myself using that room as a ‘just mommy’ space – a nice glass of wine, latest novel and NO kids!! Well I can dream, can’t I?

Did I mention the HUGE coat room yet? This is the best, most functional coat room I have ever seen! It could literally hold all of my students clothing articles plus more. I‘ll need to see if the school could invest in something like that for me!! Gino’s is all about custom made!

Alright, let’s hit the second floor. The railing all the way upstairs and throughout is equally as impressive. Solid, clear glass that overlooks the family room – although I would hate to have to keep that glass clean!! Oh the fun my two girls and dog would have!!

You enter the master through massive double doors. There is a wall of windows overlooking the FANTASTIC landscaping (which I haven’t gotten to yet – but just be assured it is worth waiting for!!) There is also a HUGE deck off of the bedroom. The ensuite has no door, which with kids is great for me because I don’t get any privacy anyhow, however it has a beautiful glass separator. The ensuite features a double vanity, a massive tiled shower, a Jacuzzi tub and a toilet in a separate area.

There are two more decent sized rooms with double closets – plenty of room for all of those shoes ladies...or in my situation – TOYS!!!

The basement is just impressive as the rest of the house! Huge (do you notice e that’s a common term used to describe this house) and very open, it features a separate exercise room, a fully functioning kitchen (that I don’t personally need – one kitchen is enough for me to clean), an area for a pool table, 3 piece bathroom, media room and another bedroom!! I told you it was impressive!! You can also walk out to the AMAZING backyard.

Alright let’s talk about this back yard. First off, it overlooks a lake, so you get that wonderful nature feel everyday when you look out the windows. You walk out onto a huge (there’s that word again) stamped cement patio, that leads you to a beautiful kidney shaped pool. This pool makes a statement – lights, a waterfall, crystal blue water. What more can I say – aquatech did an amazing job! The pool is surrounded by very modern landscaping featuring boulders and beautiful greenery. There is a smaller portion at the edge of the yard that contains grass. My husband wouldn’t mind this – less grass to mow!

Of course I chose to see this house first – the sales representative at the house said it right – shouldn’t I have saved the best for last? Oh well, it was fun. I hope the rest of the homes live up to my expectations (which have been set pretty high, thanks to GinoJ). I don’t know if I will ever live in a house like this, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Enjoy!! I sure did!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

218 Oak Forest Cres - The Oaks

Builder: Irwin Homes
Selling Price: $1,289,251 plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

WOW!!! I almost wish I had a younger family again. What a fabulous home! As you drive up to this well lit home, immediately you notice all the green space that surrounds the home - on one side is a private patio overlooking the natural beauty of a pond, green space across the street, an inviting winding driveway lined with mature oak trees and decks wrapping around the back of the home enabling a homeowner to relax and enjoy the beauty of the river setting. No problem entertaining family and friends on the back patio taking advantage of the built in bbq and outdoor kitchen area with concrete counters while later on in the evening enjoying a bonfire around the firepit.

Then you step inside the home and immediately feel that you really are home, all the stresses of the day are slowly disappearing. The abundance of floor to ceiling windows allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outside while going about your daily routines. A great mix of ceramic, hardwood and carpet on the main floor gives a feeling of an elegantly casual lifestyle. Some of the finer features of the main floor include granite counter tops on bar and in the kitchen, bleached maple for main cabinets in the kitchen with contrasting maple cappuccino cabinets for the island, travertine backsplash, huge walk in pantry, gas fireplace, built in audio & video throughout home, walnut hardwood floors in the kitchen and dining, great room with elegant patterned carpet, a front office offering fantastic views perfect for working from home if necessary.

As I walk up the bright, wide stairwell to the 2nd floor I immediately notice the view of the pond through the oversized windows, a large family room with wrap around windows invites you to sit down for a while, watch tv, read while the children play or do homework on the built in desk area. Three great sized bedrooms again with large windows for your growing family. Next you enter your own little haven - the master bedroom - includes a gas fireplace, large, bright windows, a spa like ensuite with oversized soaker tub, double sinks, five foot walk in shower while all nicely complimented with exquisite tile work and lastly but not least top off the evening with a nightcap from the builtin bar separating the his and her walk-in closets. The 2nd floor laundry room is well equiped with a sink and a fun relaxed flooring, the same flooring is carried into the fitness room located at the front of the home with built in sound system and television. The garden doors open onto a great balcony giving you that peaceful feeling as you overlook the property. This room could easily be converted to a fifth bedroom if required.

I next ventured into the lower level with its oversized windows, large guest bedroom, three piece bathroom, massive rec room that accommodates a large entertainment area including a wet bar and a games area with pool table, along with a huge storage area.

I was very impressed with the colors in this home a great mix of dark and light in tones of browns and greys , tastefully done window coverings, an abundance of recessed lighting, the finishing touches including the wood moldings, 6" baseboards throughout, wood railing, solid core doors, glass railing surrounding front balcony and many more features that are impossible to see from only one visit.

As I left this home and ventured down the drive, the beauty of the surroundings was magnified by seeing three deer enjoying the beauty of their surroundings as well.

Definitely a must see, words only can touch on this home, seeing it brings it alive and is the only way to appreciate a home like this.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to view this spectacular home.

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218 Amber Trail - Amber Trails

Builder: Silverton Homes
Selling Price: $259,900 plus GST and Land
Type: Bi-Level

As you walk into this house you appreciate the finer details that Silverton Homes have considered when building this home. The entrance has a large walk in closet and is welcoming to the rest of house. There are a few steps down to the basement. Though this is unfinished in this show home, it opens up your imagination as to how you can utilise this space. There are large windows so, when finished, it will continue with the flow of the home to be a perfectly liveable space without feeling hemmed in.

Only 8 steps up from the front door is the living room and dining area which feels cozy and perfect for welcoming guests. As you walk through to the kitchen at the rear of the property you appreciate features that you may consider extras are standard in this home. There are attractive oak cabinets and generously proportioned garden doors that lead out to a great backyard. This kitchen has granite counter tops as well which add to the aspiration of living here. The family room also looks out onto the backyard with fantastic built-ins to accommodate all those DVD’s and electronic equipment that would sit perfectly here. The built in computer desk adds to the cohesiveness of this area between the kitchen and family room. Small details such as the hole in the granite on the computer desk mean that this builder has tried to consider practical things that a modern family would need.

On this level there are also two bedrooms with fantastic vaulted ceilings making the rooms feel larger than they are. They are perfectly sectioned away from the main living area so if a member of the family wants some shut-eye whilst the rest are watching TV in the family room, there will be no disturbance – either from the TV or the volume of snoring coming from the bedroom! A full bathroom next to the bedrooms completes the main floor.

Upstairs is the master suite. The windows face the front of the home with views of the lake. The ensuite bathroom has a fantastic corner jet tub as well as a walk in shower unit. You may think that this is a British eccentricity, but I really do not like looking from my bed into the ensuite and seeing a toilet. I know I don’t really want to appear too blunt, but really who needs that sight? Here Silverton Homes has overcome this phobia of mine. The lavatory is perfectly placed behind the door, so the view from the bedroom is the generously sized vanity that could more than accommodate all those lotions and potions that I possess.

Brian from Silverton explains that they are a medium-sized independent builder. They specialise in “Custom Hybrids” which means that they can customise an existing home design to their clients’ needs. This is the joy of the Parade of Homes. It offers you food for thought. You start with the beautiful show home and then tailor it to your individual needs.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

214 Amber Trail - Amber Trails

Builder: Sterling Homes
Selling Price: $328,000 plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

This home is right across the street from the lake and is perfectly located to nearby schools and shopping a Northgate and Garden City. The front door opens to a foyer with the stairway in the centre of the home. If you enter from the garage, which tends to be the way I would come in having parked my car, you enter the mudroom which is well-equipped with shelves and a lot of rail space for the bulky coats that we need in Winnipeg.

The kitchen is laid out perfectly with the perfect triangle between the sink, stove and refrigerator. I am not in the habit of slamming kitchen drawers shut, but I really do appreciate the soft-close drawers in this kitchen. It is little details like that and the granite counters that add that extra shine to this home.

There is a cozy family room from the kitchen area. If I lived in this home it would mean that my husband would never be too far away to ask to open the pickle jar or chop the onions. The back of this house overlooks a huge back yard. It isn’t landscaped, but it conjures up a vision of a large deck, with still loads of space for a lawn, bocce court and even a play area if you have children without any compromise.

Upstairs is also beautifully presented. There is a loft area to the front of the second floor with lovely windows that look out onto the lake. This would be a perfect office space. Even though it was an overcast day, it was still bright and airy. The two bedrooms are adequate in size with the main bathroom. The master suite is yet another treat in this home. There is an inviting deep and luxurious soaker tub and a walk in shower depending on your mood and time available to enjoy this ensuite.

This home has been carefully designed perfectly balancing affordable luxury with practicality. Terry, the sales consultant, endorses my observations. He explains that the design comes from utilising the best parts of a Sterling Home with the most popular design requests from other Qualico customers. The result is the best of all features that makes this home very special.

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210 Amber Trail - Amber Trails

Builder: Randall Homes
Selling Price: $380,857 plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

The first thing you notice when you walk through the front door is the feeling of space. The bright entrance is spacious and airy. I feel like there is a lot of house to see as there are only a few steps down to the basement and a few steps up to the main level. Great thought has been put into this area, making me feel that this is just a taste of what is to come as I walk through this house. There is a huge walk-in closet here. This is great if, like me, you have many coats and scarves and stuff. You can hide all those boots, shoes and outerwear away from the beauty of the house.

Up to the main level, there is a lovely lounge/dining room. I forgot to mention that this house faces the lake so there is a wonderful view from the windows at the front of this home. You almost feel that you are at a lakeside property with the view of the lake to the front and the biggest backyard you can wish for (the lot is 240 feet deep).

The white cabinetry in the kitchen adds extra brightness with a lovely eat-in area perfect for those busy mornings when everyone is trying to get ready at the same time. The family room just off the open concept kitchen means that this area is definitely the heart of the home. There is even a built in waist-height shelf for the telephone and all those yellow and white pages that we accumulate without knowing where to put them still in their cellophane wrapping. There are two further bedrooms on this level which can be used as an office or a bedroom.

Upstairs is a continuation of the high standards and quality finishes that are apparent throughout this home. The master suite is spacious with a generously proportioned ensuite and walk-in closet. The bedroom has massive windows that add to the feeling of space and luxury and looks out onto the lake to the front.

Back down the stairs to the entrance hall. There are only 6 steps down to the basement. There is no such feeling of going down to the dungeon in this home! The recreation room is huge and the big windows down here add to the feeling that this is just another level of the home that must be utilised and enjoyed. The laundry room is perfectly equipped with a thoughtful linen closet to hide the additional towels and sheets that we all accumulate. There is also another bedroom down here and a full bath. A perfect place to hide my husband when he misbehaves.

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60 Brookstone Place - South Pointe

Builder: Artista HomesSelling
Selling Price: $606,419 plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey


While this home did not meet our own personal needs, it would make a fantastic home for young professionals seeking a large home that definitely sets itself apart from the standard cookie-cutter home.

Upon entry into the home, you are greeted by a lovely double sided ribbon fireplace which is shared with the family room. The beautiful 24 X 24 ceramic tile floor looks fabulous and is consistent throughout the entire home.

The living room and dining room have expansive 18 foot ceilings which make the space feel very large and the abundance of windows allows the natural light to flow through the entire main floor of this home.

The main floor laundry room is completely separate from the back entrance and is complete with sink, cabinets, and Caesar stone countertops.

The huge island kitchen is conducive to entertaining large crowds with ease. The glass tile backsplash is gorgeous as are the Caesar stone countertops.

The fully finished walk-out basement provides enough space for a large entertainment/media area, exercise room, extra bedroom, and full bath. The basement also has one of the neatest features I’ve ever seen – a storage shed with access from the basement utility room, complete with a single overhead garage door to the backyard. What a cool feature! It takes the proverbial “man-cave” to the next level!


This uniquely designed home would be best suited for the younger professional family with room to grow. The curb appeal of the home captures your attention immediately with the professionally finished landscaping leading to the formal entrance. When you enter the home, you will love the dining room light fixture immediately to your right, after being greeted by the see-through fireplace in the main entrance.

The pantry in the kitchen is awesome. It is the full length of the kitchen wall and offers plenty of kitchen storage.

The main floor plan is open with 2 family areas – with plenty of windows and glass. Both family areas are off the kitchen, and the main family area adds a red splash of color with the built in shelving unit.

The master bedroom on the 2nd level, is big and beautiful with an open view to the family room below. All the closet doors were self-closing, which was also pretty cool.

A really neat feature was the utility garage on the lower level of this walkout home. It was adjacent to the furnace room and had enough room to store all your lawn equipment and then some. It had a utility garage door accessible from the back yard. Very Cool!

Although this home did not suit our specific needs, if you are looking for ‘unique-ness’, this is the one for you!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

127 Marine Drive - Van Hull Estates

Builder: Southwynn Homes
Selling Price: $635,127 plus GST and Land
Type: Bungalow

127 Marine Drive – A family bungalow with a bonus loft room. Perfect for a single person, couple or smaller family, this house has “pizzazz”!

The moment you walk into this home, it impresses. The entrance hallway has a ceramic tile floor with a glass mosaic design inserted into the grout. Look up! The modern chandelier is placed inside a large, circular, dark-stained maple housing which was custom crafted for this home. In front of you, a contemporary staircase with a custom metal base, Lapacho hardwood treads, a glass (shatterproof) balustrade, and stainless steel railing.

To the right of the entranceway is the large living/dining area with a 14 foot, barreled ceiling. The front window reaches from a foot off the floor to the ceiling and its top matches the arch of the barreled ceiling. The floor is of Lapacho hardwood, a very rich-looking and durable hardwood. The long wall of the room is a cantilever wall. This allows special features to be spaced along the wall. In the dining area, there is an alcove for china cabinet or sideboard. In the living room, there is a unique, circular, built-in gas fireplace which is highlighted by a maple “mantle”. The unusual maple mantle leads to a “flat” cupboard door which hides several (deep) shelves in which you will place your PVR, sound system, etc. Wiring is hidden. Every attachment you will desire (HDMI, cable, audio, etc) leads from the back of this cupboard, behind the wall, to the back of your flat screen display on the right.

The Lapacho hardwood spreads into the kitchen area, behind the dining room wall. The kitchen cupboards are a mix of maple and zebra wood. The zebra wood (which like the animal has beautiful striping) acts as a highlight to the maple and the combination is quite stunning. There are sinks on both sides of this area… the one on the right is the kitchen sink, the one of the left is part of the bar area. The bar’s cupboards have glass “feature” panels and an arch of maple above the mosaic tile backsplash. Besides an abundance of cupboard space, there is a pantry tucked into the corner. All appliances are stainless steel and the stainless gas grill is situated on the kitchen island. The outside of the maple island has a raised countertop and with tall barstools, it creates an informal eating area. To the rear of the house, there is a sitting area with large windows on two walls. A door leads to the back yard.

The master bedroom is situated at the rear of the house. Windows on either side of the headboard plus a delightful arched (and etched!) window above the room’s doors provide a light, airy atmosphere. The walk-in closet is large. The bathroom ensuite is luxurious. There is a large jetted tub as well as a walk-in shower complete with seat. Textured, translucent windows in the bathroom provide lots of light.

A second bedroom is down a separate hallway which also leads to the garage and laundry room. The bedroom is a very good side and has a large closet. The bedroom (and other rooms along this hallway) also has the same delightful arched window above its entrance. The bathroom features a tub surround. The laundry room saves space by building the full-sized front load washer and dryer up and down. This room also has a sink and storage space.

The loft is considered a bonus space by the builder. It allows a larger family to reside in this gorgeous home. It has a large cupboard and its own full bathroom. What I liked about it was the abundance of natural light streaming into the room. It has a large front window and several high windows along the side wall. There are also two large etched glass windows towards the stairwell whose “swirl” match the swirl of those above-door windows of the bedrooms. Personally, I would use this room as my painting and craft lair.

The construction of the basement was not completed at the time of my visit therefore I was unable to see it. However, from the builder I found out that there will be one large recreation area completed and a couple of bedrooms framed out. The garage could not be accessed either. Evidently it is a 22’ x 22’ double garage. It has a side street entrance (the house is on a corner lot) and has two windows facing the front street so that it blends in better with the house.

I think this house was lovely and I would classify it as a “must see”!

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18 Yacht's Cove - Van Hull Estates

Builder: Albers Builders LTD.
Selling Price: $540,000 plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

18 Yacht’s Cove – A 2-storey family home with “presence”.

You only have to walk into this fabulous home to notice the care taken with detail. The front hallway is absolutely beautiful. Walls are paneled in a cappuccino maple. The floor is an elongated checkerboard of ceramic tile. The double doors of the coat closet on the right are made of gumwood, a marvelously patterned wood. The double doors leading to the formal dining room on the left are made of glass with horizontal strips of the dark maple wood running across them. Did I mention that the ceiling rises to the second storey? All these things tell you that further exploration of the house will be a treat.

The generous size of the dining room allows ample room for a large dining room table. There is a built in alcove for your china cabinet. The floors are made of a Brazilian cherry hardwood that is luscious. The front window is large and illuminates the area wonderfully.

The cherry hardwood floor spreads out to the kitchen and informal dining area towards the back of the house. The kitchen cabinets are the same cappuccino maple as in the front hallway. Most reach the ceiling, preventing those “hard to clean” areas. The cupboard hardware is made of stainless steel, matching the stainless steel appliances. Some of the cupboard doors are solid panels and some have translucent glass panels. The variety is very pleasing to the eye. The kitchen has a large island which houses the sink and a raised eating bar. The island’s front is decorated with slate; its countertop is made of a complementing granite. The sills of the floor to ceiling windows as well as the other kitchen surfaces are also covered with the same granite. Lovely!

The living room is large. The Brazilian cherry floor continues into this area. In one corner is a gorgeous limestone fireplace. Beside that, room for your large flat panel TV, complete with built in cable, HDMI and sound jacks. There is a wall of floor to ceiling windows which look out to the deck (yet to be built) and back yard. The ceiling is nine feet, giving you that feeling of “extra breathing” room.

The stairs located in the centre of the home lead up to what might become your favourite room – the media room. This room has a 10 foot ceiling and features a large “brow” window. At both ends of the rooms, there are built-in cupboards made of the eye-appealing gumwood. One of the ends is the entertainment centre. The flat panel screen is emphasized (and protected from ambient light) by vertical “louvers”. This room is isolated from the upstairs bedrooms by a balcony overlooking the entranceway and an additional three stairs up.

There are three bedrooms upstairs. Double gumwood doors with panels of translucent glass lead you into the large master suite. The headboard of the master bed sits in an arched alcove sporting “knick-knack” shelving on both sides. A large window (and those translucent doors!) allow a lot of natural light into the room. The walk-in closet is very large. The master ensuite is great! There are “his and hers” sinks, a water-jet double tub, and a large walk-in shower.

Notable in this bathroom are the matching stone floor and back splashes throughout. The 2nd and 3rd bedrooms are large and their ample closets have built-in closet organizers.

The basement of this house features a large recreation area. This area features a fantastic circular bar made with maple wood, stone and granite with built-in sink and space left for a wine fridge. The abundant, high windows have slanted sills which allow light to stream easily into the room. For those with a large family, you will find another large bedroom and a complete bathroom (walk-in shower) on this level.

Other notable features of this home include a main floor laundry room complete with sink and built in storage space as well as an insulated double garage having high windows and 3 feet of extra space on the front and sides of the structure (perfect for shelving, storage, and/or a work area).

Bottom line: this home is wonderful – a “must see”!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

43 Wood Sage Crescent - Sage Creek

Builder: Gino’s Homes
Selling Price: $603,100 plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

This home is breathtakingly beautiful. The first thing you notice upon entering is the 19’ 6” ceiling height in almost 4,000 square feet of useable space. The house backs onto water with tremendous wildlife viewing. You get the best of all worlds; city living with a rural natural area. What’s more, there is western exposure and large windows, thereby maximizing sunlight and reducing heating bills.

The bathroom off the master bedroom is amazing. It features a rain shower in a double frameless glass enclosed setting. Double clear vessel sinks in front of a huge mirror are perfect for His and Hers morning preparation in a rush to work. With three and a half baths, everyone can get ample space to get ready in the morning. The deck off the side of the upstairs area features a non-slip flat surface dura deck with plexiglass, thereby permitting an open unobstructed view of the natural wetland.

On the main floor, there is a double sided fireplace that services both the living room and the kitchen. A unique and attractive highlight off the kitchen is a four season sunroom. This home features a triple garage with a side entrance. So, whether you want to store three cars or two cars and all of the other stuff that we all collect, there is ample room in this garage.

The basement walk out is built on a wood floor and has a 9’ ceiling. This is perfect for a family of 4 or 5 that enables opportunity for escape from the children. A little separation on occasion is a good thing.

Make sure you visit Hal at 43 Wood Sage Crescent. You may be walking into your next new home.

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