Monday, September 27, 2010

58 Edenwood Place - Royalwood

Builder: Gino's Homes
Selling Price: $349,600 Plus GST and Land
Type: Bungalow

Once again, Gino’s doesn’t disappoint. You walk through a huge double door entry way into a semi-enclosed foyer. It is a very unique area, in that it is partially separated, yet open to the living area. Hard to explain – you will just have to see it yourself!!

Throughout there is beautiful dark wood trim, which continues onto the kitchen cabinets. The island had an upper glass level to it – very nice touch. I love the layout of this house. Bungalows are my personal style – kids rooms are on the main level so they can go play in their rooms while you cook dinner (or while you watch the Young and the Restless :) ) You don’t have to have a play room, as the toys can actually be in the bedrooms. You can always hear the kids too (you just have to lock yourself in the bathroom to get a break from the noise :) ) Bungalows are great.

Anyhow, back to the house.

The main living area off of the foyer includes a kitchen, a dining room and a family room. It is an open concept house, but it is very intimate feeling. I was speaking to the sales representative and it is easy to see that Gino’s takes pride in the functionality of their homes. Whether the house is worth a million dollars or half a million, they are all carefully crafted and very warm and inviting!

The bedrooms are in a separate area of the house. This is a great feature, as the kids can’t hear anything that is happening in the main living area (you know, for all that partying us parents do when the kids finally go down...zzzzzz)

The master bedroom has 3 big windows on the one wall and has a huge walk in closet. The ensuite was amazing, with a separate glass shower, soaker tub and quartz vanity/countertop. Something you may not think you would like, but surprisingly very nice, is a large full length window in the bathroom. Adds some interest to a bathroom for sure. I really liked this!

As you leave the master, there are two more bedrooms with double door closets, and main floor laundry. As you continue through to the end of the hallway, you realize that you are back to the foyer. The hall wraps around back to the front of the house – how fun! My kids would love to chase each other around in this house!!

This house doesn’t disappoint. I definitely recommend it for a family similar to mine. Not too big so that the kids get lost, but big enough for you to ‘lose’ the kids :) . Although I just moved into my house less than a year ago, I have already told my husband that my next house will be a Gino’s!! (He just loves it when I talk about moving again...)

Happy viewing!

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  1. Royalwood is turning out to be an extremely popular subdivision. Very few lots are still available.