Tuesday, September 28, 2010

26 Yacht’s Cove - Van Hull Estates

Builder: Bentley Homes
Selling Price: $673,333 Plus GST and Land
Type: Bungalow

This home sets itself apart from the other homes on the street because of the shape of the exterior. It looks very modern. When entering the home you will notice the high ceiling which is 14 feet high. It makes the house look even more grand than it is.

The kitchen/living area is my favourite part of the house because it has a red caeser stone countertop against grey cabinets. Now that’s different! Then there is a wet bar across from the kitchen, against a wall, with the same countertop and cabinet colour. The punch of red in the kitchen and throughout the house, (ie: red ottoman, vases, etc), makes it very appealing to me because I love red! This house has an open concept so it looks very spacious, but the amount of windows in the home really brightens up the space making it seem even bigger. There are 79 windows throughout this house so if you like bright, this is the home for you! (I did not count the windows, the agent gave me this info!)

This home also has a four seasons sunroom with a fireplace. The fireplace is two-sided and spills into the family room which is next to the dining room. I love the idea of the two-sided fireplace because it makes it useful in more than one area and if you love to keep warm in the winter this is good!

Other things I liked about this home was the huge walk-in closet. Everyone needs a good storage area like this for wardrobe and shoes etc. It makes your daily life more easier when everything is organized. I also liked the cute chandeliers in the ensuite. Little things like this really add a nice touch to the décor of the home. The ensuite also included two sinks for a couple to be able to get ready in the morning together, without having to wait to use the sink for washing up.

In summary, I would definitely encourage people to go see this home because of its small but unique features.

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  1. The basement isn’t finished but the builder has offered a set of drawings showing how the basement could be done. It was nice to see a tried tested option for finishing the basement.