Tuesday, September 28, 2010

29-320 Pearson Parkway - Creeside Estates

Builder: Irwin Homes

Selling Price: $272,900 Plus GST and Land
Type: Condo

Before I even start this review, I want to dispel some misconceptions. Selkirk is a lot closer than you would think. It took me 17 minutes to get from my office in Ft. Garry Industrial Park to the corner of Portage and Main. It only took 15 minutes to get from there to the north Perimeter Highway. It was another 23 minutes to pull into the driveway of this impressive condo. Given that everything you could want on a daily basis is available in Selkirk, this place stands on its own. Saying that, there is definitely a country charm to this location. It backs onto a manmade creek that is protected against algae. There is an abundance of birds and wildlife in the forest beyond the back yard. The park a short walk down the street has a barbeque/fire pit area, benches and a pagoda, all encouraging interaction with your neighbours.

I was told by the agent that the development has been attracting a lot of people moving from the country who want to live in a charming city with all the amenities of a large city. She also said that this was the perfect downsize condo for retired people who don’t want the responsibility and labour associated with their own house.

The walkout basement to the back patio allows plenty of room for development according to taste.

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