Wednesday, September 29, 2010

54 Edenwood Place - Royalwood

Builder: Maric Homes
Selling Price: $529,690 Plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

This house shouts, “Come on in,” with its grand entryway and huge double doors. Right off the hop, there is a cozy room with double French doors. This is a nice room that would be perfect for an office, a reading room, or in my case, a toy room (those toys have to go somewhere!)

The house features dark wood trim and hardwoods throughout – something I noticing is the new trend. Gone are the days of white trim accenting against the dark hardwoods. Oh, it is always so tough keeping up! Honey...I have a new idea for our house.

There are many rooms off of the huge foyer. You can enter into the main living area, which consists of the kitchen, dining room and livingroom. If you go the other direction, you will find the laundry room, 2 piece bathroom and an entry to the walk-in pantry. (I love this pantry. There was no cost spared as the shelves are done in a dark wood instead of the usual wire shelves. This means that items will actually stand in the pantry, instead of falling through the wire spacing!!) It’s these little touches that are so nice.

You have to see the gas fireplace in this house! It is covered with vertical cultured stone and includes an area for the TV. It is very unique looking, as it also is rounded!! What an fun accent wall! Hmm...the ideas I get when I go into these show homes!!

The upstairs is very open and features a master suite with ensuite bathroom and 3 more bedrooms. HUGE! There is dark, shag carpet throughout (great for hiding any kiddie spills) and another bathroom. Oh my, 3 bathrooms to clean and I haven’t even gotten to the basement...

The basement is as open as the main floor and also features a beautiful brick fireplace/t.v. credenza. The plush shag carpet continues and yes...there is another bathroom!! I figure if I lived in this house, I would definitely need some help cleaning it (like from my husband)...well at least for the bathrooms. I don’t know about you, but I hate cleaning bathrooms!!

This is a must see – very unique features in this house and it is big – so try not to get lost in one of the bathrooms!!

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  1. The 9’ ceilings really open up this house. The Master bedroom looks out over a forest. Very high end feel.