Wednesday, September 29, 2010

176 Bridgeland Drive South - Bridgwater Forest

Builder: Kensington Homes
Selling Price: $325,800 Plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

This is another well-presented house from Kensington Homes. I am not a Feng Shui expert, but I was once told that it is not a good thing if the stairs lead directly to the front door. It has something to do with losing special energy from the home. I am not sure if the designers knew my eccentric friend, Laura, from the east of London, but they seem to have taken her advice. The stairs lead from behind the door, therefore leaving all the energy in the home and keeping Laura happy.

Openness seems to be the theme of this house. The gigantic windows in the open concept great room, leads to the kitchen with the most unique cabinets. The craftsmanship is quite clever. On first appearance you may think that they are leather (yes really) but on closer inspection you realise that they are not. The overall appearance softens the look and would be a great talking point when friends come over.

So I am back to this staircase. It is extra wide so there is no worry of scuffing the paintwork over time. The master suite is huge. The ensuite is huge and even features a vanity with that lovely finish that I admired in the kitchen. The Kohler soaker tub in so inviting and the walk in closet off the ensuite means that you can pretend you are posh by having your own dressing room.

The second floor laundry would fill any woman with hope that dirty clothes may well make it past the bedroom floor. The main bathroom has a closet in it which is handy when you cannot resist those bulk purchases at Costco and there are two further spacious bedrooms.

It is a shame that Laura still lives in London as she would certainly approve of this house. In the mean time, I am sure that Kensington Homes has more very interested buyers!

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