Monday, September 27, 2010

15 Hunterbrook Road - Bridgwater Forest

Builder: Gino's Homes
Selling Price: $530,100 Plus GST and Land
Type: Bungalow

This home is a great home for entertaining and has many unique features.

I love the big entranceway. To the left there are stairs to go right to the basement. I love the fact that people (namely children) will not have to trudge through the house to get to the basement to play. The dining room is to the left and is kept away from the rest of the house. I love this because I like to entertain but often find that in an open plan, everyone can see the messy kitchen area and sink full of dirty dishes. The dining area is also very spacious and the possibilities of expanding your table to accommodate more guests is endless. I really like the unique look of the hardwoods throughout the house, which are greyish in colour.

As you walk through the house, there is a kitchen on the left which is open to the living area on the right, and a nice balcony, from the kitchen, overlooking the lake. To the right of the kitchen is a big bar area without the sink. It can be used to store special martini glasses maybe, and mix drinks for your guests rather than using the kitchen counters. It was a nice touch which I have never seen before. The cabinets throughtout this house are a nice grey colour.

Just past this area is the hallway to the bedrooms. The master bedroom has an ensuite with a clear bowl for a sink, which is very modern looking, as well as a shower and jetted tub.

The basement is huge with a wet bar area which includes a wine fridge. What a great idea to have the floating shelves above the counter with lights under each, to provide enough light to create a nice ambiance for an evening with friends and family. The T.V. unit was simple in design, which I love. The really neat thing I saw in this house was the way the builders created a wooden shelving unit to hide the steel posts in our basements that we so want to hide when building a basement. What a great idea!

Great home for families who like to entertain!

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  1. The great room faces north and west to maximize sunlight and then opens onto a dura deck with a nice view of the lake.