Saturday, September 18, 2010

14 Blue Sun Drive - Sage Creek

Builder: Kensington Homes
Selling price: $339,900 plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

This is an outstanding home in one of Winnipeg’s fastest growing neighbourhoods. Before we even get to the inside of the house, special mention must be made of the outside. It backs onto a park which makes for a calming peaceful setting. It has a large raised deck with western exposure – perfect for entertaining. There is a patio on the lower level that smartly uses much of the back yard. Combined with the garden and use of native plants, it becomes a very low maintenance yard for those of us who don’t like to cut the grass or constantly weed.

Going inside, the living room features a very large fireplace and room for a big flat screen TV. This feature wall stands out and makes the room special. Every little detail has been adhered to in the design and construction of this house. There is a highly organized mud room coming in from the garage with separate spaces for each child and a messy husband, too. The kitchen promotes plenty of easy access shelf space so that everything you need is right there. Kudos for the wine rack in the dining room. The washer/dryer room upstairs is located in a terrific spot, right before all of the bedrooms and bathrooms. The folded towels on top was a nice touch.

Something that you don’t often see is the walk-in closet in a second bedroom. Talk about anticipating a clothes hungry teenager!

One could live in this basement as it has all of the necessary amenities. Room for a large television or theater screen, bar area, bathroom and separate sitting area all make this a tremendous space. The use of hot colours bring the basement to life.

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  1. Or the second walk in closet could be for your husband's clothes so you get the master bedroom closet all to yourself! :)