Friday, September 17, 2010

15 Hunterbrook - Bridgwater Forest

Builder: Gino’s Homes
Selling Price: $530,100 plus GST and land
Square Footage: 1978

This house seems a little unassuming as you walk up, but all this changes once you walk inside. The stairs to the basement are to the left of the front door and although you can’t see much, the ceiling height tells you there is something special down there. I opted to explore the main floor of this bungalow first. Past the basement stairs there is a nice sized formal dining room and past that, there is a fantastic kitchen open to an eating area and great room. The kitchen is very modern with high end fixtures. There are large windows looking out over the lake. Even though it was raining when I was there, the view is quite spectacular. The great room has high ceiling with exposed beams – a nice touch. One thing I noted throughout this home was the details. There are nice touches through this home that make it feel special.

The master bedroom is a good size, but it was the rather large closet that caught my eye. Admittedly, I have more shoes than I could possibly need. I recently counted 60 in the “main” rotation then promptly purged a few pairs on eBay out of guilt. This closet could easily hold the main rotation and probably give me an excuse to a buy few more – to fill the gaps. The master also has a great ensuite with a great tiled shower and bowl sink. Apart from the master, there are two other nice sized bedrooms on the main floor.

As I walked back through the kitchen area, Phil Jr. the agent in the house at the time asked if I had seen the basement. When I indicated I hadn’t he said he wanted to take me down as he liked to see people’s reactions. As we walked down the stairs, the basement emerged. It is simply awesome. There is an additional 1700 square feet of space with high ceilings, walkout to the backyard, and view of the lake. There is a great bar area which with the overall space would make for an excellent entertaining area. There is also a generously sized room would could make for a nice extra bedroom or office.

This house causes me to contemplate trading-in my character, three storey, fully renovated Crescentwood house – something I thought I wouldn’t happen.

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  1. Thanks for the great blog, Colin.
    And good job Junior!

    Phil Sr.