Saturday, September 18, 2010

2 Blue Sun Drive - Sage Creek

Builder: Broadview Homes
Selling Price: $278,077 plus GST and Land
Type: Bungalow

This is the perfect sized home for a young family or a young couple. It’s on a corner lot which means extra light through the side windows. It also backs onto a park thereby creating a peaceful ambience. The back patio terrace is sheltered but has a beautiful western exposure. This appears ideal for an after work glass of wine looking out over the park. The kitchen is very modern looking. As a matter of fact, the entire house is sort of a contemporary designed easy living bungalow.

The open concept stone gas fireplace smartly separates the kitchen from the front entrance. This is a great placement for a fireplace. The kitchen is laid out perfectly for a couple. It encourages conversation during meal preparation. The bar stools face the cooking area with a raised counter top. Maybe I saw the house close to happy hour, but again I thought of a couple enjoying a nice bottle of wine, talking about the day as one partner cooked and the other poured.

The artwork upstairs is very New York reminiscent. It brings the room to life.
The basement recreation room is quite open and the perfect location for a large screen TV. The back bar still permits an unobstructed view of the TV.

This house is a gem and a must-see. It will appeal to all ages.

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