Friday, September 17, 2010

184 Bridgeland Drive South - Bridgwater Forest

Builder: Hilton Custom Homes
Selling Price: $385,490 plus GST and land
Area: 2130 sq ft

When you walk into 184 Bridgeland Drive S there is a nice living room to the left open to the floor above. I quite like this feature and it seems to be popular as I have seen it in a few homes. Walking through the house, you come to the open kitchen/eating area/family room. As somebody with two small daughters who lives in an old home Crescentwood, I really appreciate this feature. The design of older homes tend to compartmentalize each room. If my wife and I are in the kitchen and it becomes too quiet in the living we must stop what we are doing and check it out. This kitchen features a very nice brown palette with granite counter tops. The kitchen sink is set under the granite giving it a richer effect.

As you travel upstairs, a great loft space overlooking the living room greets you as you reach the top. The master bedroom is a good size with a perfect ensuite featuring a large bathtub. The other bedrooms on the second floor are aptly sized as is the main second floor bathroom. The basement is framed, but unfinished and represents some great living space if completed.

For a family of four, this could make for a really great home.

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