Monday, October 4, 2010

66 Blue Sun Drive - Sage Creek

Hearth Homes
Selling Price: $403,900 Plus GST and Land
Type: Bungalow/Walk-out

I just love when I get to go see a bungalow in the parade of homes. I have to say, there does seem to be more of them around... it used to be two stories and cab-overs that ruled the roost. Not anymore. (If you have read any of my other blogs, you know by now I LOVE bungalows!)

This is of course, another beautiful home. You are automatically greeted with several unique focal points. The foyer is big and open with a neat glass divider separating the foyer from the dining room. I heard many people comment on this and how they loved it. It was beautiful. As you walk in, there is a grand double sided fireplace in the middle of the living area. Although it is in the middle of the living area, it still feels very open and big. (My kids would once again love to chase each other in circles around this fireplace). What I really love is that you see the fireplace right once you walk into the house!

The kitchen features light would cabinets, marble countertops , beautiful backsplash and a huge island with a sink. The best thing about this kitchen, designed for my fellow wine drinkers – a wonderful wine fridge!!

I really like how the house is laid out. The bedrooms are tucked away from the main living area. As you walk down the hall, you come across a laundry room (gotta love main floor laundry – wish I had this in my house). The laundry room doubles as an entrance to the garage and a foyer with plenty of storage room (this would be perfect for all my boots – it would even be an excuse to go shopping. Look honey, the closet looks so empty – we must do something about this!!)

In the opposite direction, there are 2 bedrooms with double door closets, and the master suite. Of course, the ensuite is a dream come true. A huge soaker tub, separate glass door shower, marble countertops...ahhh.

I happened to have my 4 year old daughter with me when I toured this house. She loved the basement!! In fact she wanted to go see it first. Later when I was upstairs again, I had to go searching for her (no, I didn’t lose her... I just misplaced her... It’s a big house!!) Of course, she was in the basement (a very nice man found her for me hiding behind the couch.) She likes looking at show homes just like me! The basement was big, and open, but very cozy feeling. There were sliding doors in the basement which take you to the undeveloped yard. My daughter thought this was pretty neat. I also really liked this little room they had off of the main area downstairs. It would be perfect as a toy room(which is what I would use it for – to store all the girly toys I just know my husband loves) or as an office.

This is a beautiful bungalow! Again, I would totally recommend this home for a family similar to mine. Lots of room, open concept and a basement your kids actually want to go play in!! (you know what that means... more house to clean!)

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