Monday, October 4, 2010

127 Marine Drive - Van Hull Estates

Builder: Southwynn Homes
Selling Price: $635,127 plus GST and Land
Type: Bungalow

This 2400 sq. ft. Bungalow, (with a loft), has plenty of space for a growing family. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the neat design etched into the ceramic tile floor in the front entrance. I thought it was a great alternative than a carpeted area rug which I would have placed there. It is like having a built in area rug! The home is quite open and bright with a fireplace on the wall between the living area and the dining area. The kitchen has a huge island which has chairs all around it for sitting and enjoying a meal. This is in place of a table and chairs typically seen in most homes. I truly like this idea because if you already have a formal dining room you only need one other place to eat for those nights when its just you and your family. The island in this home is the place for that. The counters in the kitchen are made of ceaser stone which are beautiful, and there is a wet bar in this area for entertaining and pouring refreshments!

The one really nice thing I liked was that the master bedroom is right off the kitchen. If you have to get up in the middle of the night to get a drink or a bottle for your baby, you are not too far away. The ensuite has a shower, jetted tub and two sinks so that you do not have to share a sink on those busy mornings when you are in a rush and don’t have time for your partner to wash up first! A spacious walk in closet, is also included.

The garage door steps right into the laundry room/mudroom which is great because it often gets quite muddy/messy in those areas, so guests will not be able to see this hidden area.

There is one unique feature I noticed above all the doors and windows and that is the cool vinyl designs. It adds such intricate detail to the home and makes it that much more memorable to me. The other really nice feature I noticed in this home is a loft area up a few stairs. This can be used as a master bedroom or a guest room. It is seperate from the rest of the house which is ideal for guests.

This builder also provides a door from the basement straight out to the garage. What a great idea to have an alternative exit!

This home is a must see!

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