Friday, October 8, 2010

196 Bridgeland Drive South - Bridgwater Forest

Builder: Signature Homes
Selling Price: $414,813 Plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

The high ceilings at the entrance give the sense of more room in the house.

The upstairs den is a perfect room for relaxation, reading or television watching. It is set apart by five steps from the bedroom and bathroom. This allows one partner to sleep and the other to stay up a little later and watch the news or read a good book without having to go all the way downstairs.

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1 comment:

  1. I agree with you Mike, this house is so cozy and has the coolest room over the garage where you can watch a great movie or listen to music, while the kids are with friends downstairs in the living room not to forget there is a huge basement. I checked with the agents on this house and they said it can be built on a 48 ft wide lot which makes it more affordable in Bridge water(where we want to be). They also told me this house plan comes in different sq ft for much less money. We are looking at lots and seeing what we can come up with.