Wednesday, October 6, 2010

168 Bridgeland Drive - Bridgwater Forest

Builder: Sterling Homes
Selling Price: $314,089 Plus GST and Land
Type: 2-Storey

This home feels very cozy and intimate to me. I think because it is not overly spacious. It is a two-storey home with three bedrooms on the second level. The kitchen is open to the dining area and living room. I love the fact that the island accommodates enough chairs around it for an average size family to eat their meals at. There is no need for a kitchen dinette, but instead, a dining table and chairs. This eliminates the need for the traditional dining room.

The powder room is close to the garage door which is great because your family can use the powder room (main bathroom) when you are busy outside doing yard work, and not have to go through the house with dirty shoes to get to it. I like the fact that the laundry room is next to the kitchen so that you can still mulit-task, (like most of us women do, sorry men!) and put a load of laundry in, while preparing a meal for your family.

The T.V. unit is a dark coloured wood with an alcove that is big enough to accommodate a variety of sizes of televisions. I like that the builder has thought about this. I remember building my home and being stuck with an alcove that is just too small and now I can not purchase a T.V. that is bigger than 30 inches wide.

There are hardwoods throughout the main floor and carpeting on the second level. I noticed that the backsplash in the kitchen is the same one used in the bathroom upstairs. I also loved the window in the walk-in closet for some added light. The walk-in closet is in the bathroom area which also has two sinks and a shower. My favourite thing about this home is the patio off the master bedroom. This can be used for those times when you wake up on a beautiful summer morning and just want to enjoy the sun, sip on your cup of coffee, and relax!

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